Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I'm moving house tomorrow so blatantly something will go wrong with internet connections/I'll be mental and blogging won't be my priority for a couple of days (how unprofessional I know...!) so figured I'd post something you can actually 'buy now' to give you shopping ideas for the bank holiday weekend...
It's Chanel. It's only £21.
It's the most perfect shade of lipstick I've ever seen.
It's the new Rouge Coco range in 'Mademoiselle'.
I'm a red lippy girl (on occasion) but I never feel like I get the shade quite right if I'm completely honest. It's always feels to bright, a little to much and dare I say it slightly try hard. But this is perfection. A subtler, somehow more classy, vintage red.
And obviously when I wear it I'll look exactly the same as Vanessa Paradis in the new ad.
Can't wait!

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