Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday, 12 September 2011

Snakes. Not ladders.

I've always been very loyal to the leopard when it comes to animal prints but I'm totally slithering over to the dark side this season. It's weird, six months ago I'd have immediately thought snake print = tacky, cheap, bit Corrie/E'nders barmaid.

Now I CANNOT get enough of it.

I purchased two more snake print pieces today. (When I'm supposed to be saving, damn. It's like they spoke to me in parseltongue....) A really cool, jersey dress (only £14.99!!!! Biggest Bargain Ever) and a beautiful blouse with leather details both from H&M. Pics to come... Snake print is to my A/W wardrobe what a block colour was to S/S. But better because after the seasons over it'll be a 'classic'! Whoop

Anyway, it was the Chloe catwalk that first got me hooked...

Some other snake pieces I have my eye on.... but I have to say H&M and Zara have THE best selection so you really don't have to get yourself into debt for this one.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Prada The Movie

I wonder if from now on every big fashion house will create a movie to go alongside their ad campaign? I hope so. I love watching them. I think they should actually start filming proper 60 minute action movies of them - how amazing would that be?

I love the Prada one (above) for A/W shot by Steven Meisel - set in a dreamlike playroom of fabulous bags and accessories in pretty sherbet colours, the models are perfect ivory-skinned dolls. I think this sentence from the press release sums it up in a really beautiful way:
'It’s a dressing room of contemporary desire disguised as a playroom of childhood dreams.'
Ahh. Very Lula magazine and lovely. Now watch it.