Monday, 20 December 2010

Something to wear in the snow

At the moment the only things I'm wearing on my feet are boots or wellies. It's too bloody cold to brave anything else!
So... let me introduce you to Bow Peep boot cuffs. Wear them over the top of any boots/wellies (but they're better on shorter styles) to jazz them up! Pretty cute I think. My faves are the red fair isle or leopard print... right I'm off to buy some more Hunter's... laters.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Urban Code

I get sent so many emails everyday about new brands/labels/pieces but this one caught my eye. Love this dress! Not on me... god no, on like a celebrity or something. Someone cool. Or like, a model, who's wearing it in the pic. It looks hot no?
Well if you want it you need to check out Urban Code, available at ASOS (is anything not available on ASOS these days, seriously, it's taking over the world - ♥). The London based label creates sexy, cool leather pieces which are fairly affordable. This dress is £120. There are also some very cute little varsity sports jackets I've got my eye on. Definitely worth a browse...

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Ooohhh. New Chanel Pre-Fall Métiers d'Art collection. There are 14 amazing, luxury, ready-to-wear (really?) looks and I want all of them but would settle fairly happily for these two.
And what about Blake Lively being the new face of Chanel handbags - excitement. I do like her but I'd have loved to have seen Leighton Meester as the new face instead. Loving her look at the mo.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Best dressed at the British Fashion Awards

I bloody love Daisy Lowes Elie Saab black lace dress. She looks totally appropriate for an awards do but still young, rocky and not to 'done'. So hard to get right but she nails it.
And Daphne Guinness. What a legend! And she made it herself... er, hello, Daphne please can you design a fashion line so we can buy it and look as cool as you. Thanks.

Furry knits

At the moment (probably because it's about minus 10 outside and apparently going to snow again for the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK) I have a really massively strong urge to buy jiji (If anybody knows the actual spelling of this word please do tell) knitwear. Mainly with fur detailing. As above, both £65 from Topshop. I've already purchase one and I'm in real danger of ordering the other as soon as I finish writing this blog... There's something about a bit of fake fur that just makes a dull autumnal knit glam, cool and acceptable in even a smarter circumstance. Especially fabulous over a cream silk blouse. That's all.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Alexander McQueen

Tonight is the British Fashion Awards where to commemorate Alexander McQueens life he'll be honoured with the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design award for his contribution to the fashion industry. And to acknowledge his incredibly successful career.
The ceremony will open with a short film directed by Nick Knight featuring McQueens most iconic pieces, all styled by the amazing Edward Enniful with a soundtrack by Bjork. It sounds like an amazing tribute. I can't wait to see it. RIP McQueen.

Monday, 6 December 2010

A man in a leather jacket...

... used to be a good thing. A beautiful, slightly scruffy dirty leather jacket could do wonders for a man, making him seem sexy, exciting, cool and bad. In a good way. Perfect examples - Danny in Grease, Russell Brand, Jamie Hince. If you were styling a guy for a photo shoot you'd take at least five with you. They'd be guaranteed to make them look hot. Now all that's been ruined. In the form of an annoying (not as attractive as they reckon) boyband called The Wanted. At least three of them are wearing a leather jacket at any one time, dancing round the stage, miming and looking a little bit vague. And not at all sexy. Leather jackets = ruined.
Unless it's maybe a bit of an aviator/fur collar number, don't think they've got on to them yet... but shh.

Friday, 3 December 2010

An ankle length trouser

Yay I'm actually blogging again. It's been so busy working on a weekly mag full-time again (X) that I actually haven't had time - but enough of the excuses. I'm back to blogging.

And these are my favourite thing right now. Ankle length trousers. Be them tailored, denim or Current/Elliotts Captain Pant in Army (£163 at My Wardrobe) which I am awaiting delivery of as I type. Excitement. They're cooler (quite literally), fresher and just look more 'now' than a full length pant, don't you think?
I am slightly worried about wearing them right now - in the snow - but I think with a black opaque and an ankle boot, it's a good look. With a jersey tee or a camel cashmere sweater. Love.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Online shopping

Online shopping site has launched a new improved vintage shopping section featuring loads of one-off's an carefully chosen pieces you'll love!
Mischa Barton and Tali Lennox have already been making purchases...
And with the high streets about to become hideously overcrowded as we get near to Christmas we're all for more online shopping. Check it out.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

NOT a match made in Heaven


It's actually all down to the fact that I'm now FASHION EDITOR at X mag (the new X Factor mag) - it's like a cool, grown-up, funny Smash Hits. So obviously, amazing. And COOL. So you should all definitely buy it. (And yes I have been backstage as the show, argh!!)
I'm also still freelancing but it's taking up massive amounts of time so I haven't even thought about blogging which is outrageous! But now hopefully we've got a bit ahead so I can get a bit more blog action in...

Anyway, I suddenly felt the desperate urge to bring to your attention the collaboration between
and Jimmy Choo. OMG.
I'm usually a fan of a collaboration - keeping it fresh and all that. Bit this is SO wrong. An UGG is amazing and should just be an UGG (and I love a Jimmy Choo, just as a Jimmy Choo). No decoration needed. And they're over £550 - WTF.
And I'm normally such a positive blogger...
Promise I'll post some AMAZINGLY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL things later this week...

Monday, 27 September 2010

Narnia style

I did a 'capes' shoot last week for a popular glossy mag for which I tried to get this faux fur cape from Miss Selfridge - unfortunately it didn't arrive in time but I just had to show it as it's SO lovely.
I saw it in-store over the weekend to and it's even better when you try it on - it instantly transforms you into a Narnia style snow princess!
Which would be perfect for RIGHT NOW - it's SO bloody cold.
It's only £95 - not bad I don't think...
The only problem with a cape, I've now discovered, is carrying a shoulder bag - impossible to do in an attractive fashion. I'm thinking an oversized clutch from here on in (or a bumbag if you want to go down the try hard route - NOT ADVISED).

Friday, 24 September 2010

Shearling booties

Today feels like Christmas - I just collected my gorgeous new shearling booties from Rupert Sanderson which I pre-ordered in Spring!

I was terrified in case I opened the box and had completely gone off them but I'm happy to report that they are BEAUTIFUL. With these babies and my new shearling jacket that's my new season wardrobe. Done.
Winter, I'm ready for you.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Carine Roitfeld

As I was going through pics from Fashion Week(s) I came across a pic of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld who was hosting a champagne tea party for new London designer Emilio de la Morena at Harvey Nichols. She was snapped with her mother French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld (aka the coolest woman in fashion) - and I just thought how much cooler, sexier and just better than her daughter Carine looked! Not being mean to Julia who is stunning but she looked so generic next to mummy dearest.
So in honor of Carine's amazing style I thought I'd compile a little lookbook of my favourite 'Carine Fashion Week Looks'. A gallery of how to wear cool prints...
Love the middle one with the leather pencil skirt and camo top... I basically want to be her when I grow up. Or just now actually.

Monday, 20 September 2010

ASOS White

I've been slightly obsessed with winter jackets for the last few months - I'm all for finding the perfect one early in the season but it's easier said than done. I love a fur coat and have a couple but I wanted a new amazing jacket and a great camel coat (who doesn't right now!?).
And I found them all approx 2 days ago when ASOS White launched!
It's a new collection from ASOS - all amazing luxe looks in gorgeous fabrics - clean lines - so fresh and modern. Like the opposite of try hard - wickedly cool but sophisticated. Basically it's the wardrobe I now realise I've always wanted.
To start with I've ordered the shearling jacket, £290, and am finding reason not to leave my flat so I can try it the moment it arrives. But I'm REALLY tempted to order the elbow patch crombie coat, £120 to. Maybe next month (it is only 10 days away...). And everything else in the collection is fab to. Literally not a dud in there.
Thank you ASOS!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

A NEXT moment

Over the past few years I've used the odd bit from NEXT in shoots - but I have to say I've never actually gone in to the shop and looked round/bought anything of my own free will, I kind of thought it had all gone a bit stale.
Then I opened the new Vogue with the 'Easy chic' supplement sponsored by NEXT and was like WOAH!
One of the best aviator jackets (£250) on the High St (and I know because I've tried nearly every single one one), amazing fur clog boots (£55) which I was introduced to by my very stylish Fashion Director friend Sophie when she bought them as soon as she set eyes on them... and used them in a shoot, a leopard print coat which I REALLY want and am about to purchase online as soon as I get paid again, although that to is only £55 (for a winter coat, ridic) so I could just order it right now!?!
And the laid back knitwear, especially the sweaters and cardigans with faux fur detail and harem pants look like they're more in the 'high end' league than merely high street... and COOL high end.
I'm telling you, this winter it's all about NEXT.
God this is sounding a bit like an advertorial... it's not. Honest.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pretty party dresses!

It's nearly party season - less than 100 days till Xmas! And in-between there's Halloween, bonfire night and many birthdays to celebrate... so we need some 'looks'.
Good news - H&M have a new 20 piece party collection hitting stores next week!
Made up of gorgeous draped dresses, fringed leather jackets (see above, love!) and cute tops... buy buy buy.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Chanel jacket

I was absolutely mortified to miss the event 'The Secrets of the Chanel Jacket' earlier this week (I was shooting!) as it just sounded so up my street, but I've been sent all the info... All about exactly how they're made - now in the exactly the same way as they were by Mademoiselle Chanel fyi with updates of course from Lagerfeld just to keep 'now' but the basics haven't changed.

I won't go through the exact details with you as I'm sure it won't be the same as being there but I wanted to share some lovely quotes from the lady herself...

"Fashion becomes unfashionable. Style never."

"Elegance is being equally beautiful inside and out."

SO TRUE. Got to love her!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I have been SO rubbish at posting this week! It's been mental... music videos, mag shoots blah blah blah... and I've been ILL. Gross.
Anyway had to just quickly tell you about this HOT new skirt from Mina UK which is THE perfect new skirt length for A/W. Bang on trend and cool without trying to hard. I heart it.
Head to the new Mina UK store (on Great Titchfield St, right around the corner from Topshop!)! It opened just last week or buy at

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New M&S TV ad

Always an exciting moment:
Click on the link below to view...
I like VV Brown's flying jacket and Lisa's looks best...

Fashion's big night out

If you don't have plans tonight you do now!
Tonight is Vogue's Fashion's Big Night Out and every designer/Vogue-er/store is taking part for a night of total glamour, style-advice and entertainment.
Check out for all the info.
My favourite sounding events are the Harvey Nichols haber-DASH-ery with a special guest appearance from Christopher Kane and Rupert Sanderson's Dancehall extravaganza! FUN.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Roksanda's last Whistles collection

This morning I went for a peek preview of the new A/W and final Roksanda Ilinic for Whistles collection.
You'll love it.
It's a collection of 10 dresses - all beautiful with a sexy sophisticated almost couture feel - but massively wearable. The type of dress you'd put on and just feel 'cool'.
Shapes are draped but corseted with obi rope belts accentuating the waist or ultra fitted and structured with ruffles being the main feature - and the colours are SO right for now - rich greens and camels setting the tone.
Well I know where I'm getting my Christmas party dress this year...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Radley tea party (and HOT bags)

I never knew how much I LOVE Radley bags!!
Last week I popped into the store on South Molton Street to see the new collection in for A/W - it was fabulous. A little vintage tea party - champagne with (I think it was Jasmine?) tea in 40s china teacups and yummy cupcakes. (SO WANT TO HAVE MY OWN TEA PARTY!!) And the bags were gorgeous. Really vintagey, cool and NOT ridiculously expensive. And QUALITY.
My favourites were the Henderson clutch (which I want MOST and ) and the Hutchinson satchel, both £89.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's nearly Christmas

My first Christmas blog of the year.
Just to let you know... I LOVE Christmas. It's my favourite day of the year and I get ridiculously excited... so expect a lot of Xmas related blogs nearer the time...
But on Friday the Prada Christmas catalogue landed in my inbox so I just had to give you a glimpse now.
My favourite things: the kitsch cute keyrings. Fun, cool, Prada. Done deal. And obviously the BAGS! The borsa being my ONE.
Available from November...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tweet tweet

Just a quick one to tell you I'm now twittering... CKewley. Follow me so I can follow you! x

Lanvin for H&M

This is the most exciting news ever! Lanvin (super high end luxury beautiful label Lanvin) is the latest brand to collaborate with H&M.
The collection will be revealed to the world via a special film which will be screened on the H&M website - - on November 2nd, then the collection will be available instores on Tuesday 23rd November.
Alber Elbaz (Lanvin's creative director) commented,
"H&M approached us to collaborate, and see if we could translate the dream we created at Lanvin to a wider audience, not just a dress for less. I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public."

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Terry O'Neill exhibition

I love photography exhibitions... beautiful amazing pictures just take you to another place. They can be so iconic and it always surprises me how much emotion can be captured in certain shots.
SO I can't wait to see the new exhibition Guys & Dolls by Terry O'Neill (which is in NO WAY RELATED TO THE MUSICAL!). The show will feature some of his most iconic shots over the last 60 years, (and he's shot a lot of iconic shots being one of the most successful and celebrated fashion and celeb photographers dating back to the 60s...) subjects include Raquel Welch, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Michael Caine.
I HEART the shot of Brigitte Bardot (1971) above.
It's on from 1st September but Terry himself will also be at the exhibition signing books on Saturday 25th September from 11.30-12.30.

See for more info.

Friday, 27 August 2010


I'm always a fan of a piece of skull jewellery so I totally the new Alexander McQueen jewellery collection. I'd like one of each of the above please but if I had to choose a single item it'd be the skull bangle hands down.
The full collection is available on Net-A-Porter...
Is it to early to start my Christmas list!?

I need specs

This week I went to the opticians (Vision Express) for an eye test because I've been getting headaches all the time... as far as I was concerned I had 20/20 vision. NOT ANYMORE.
I need specs.
At first I was totally freaked out. Everytime I tried a pair on I looked like I was chanelling Nicky Hambleton-Jones. They were totally not me. Glasses don't suit me.
Then I came across the Chanel cats eye frames above, and I actually HEART them. They suits my eyeliner flicks and are more kooky cool than secretary. More fab accessory than medical essential.
Happy again.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Funky sneakers

I hate the word 'funky' but it seems like the correct word for Guiseppe Zanotti's HOT new high top sneakers available exclusively to Harvey Nichols in the UK. They remind me of the Dior Homme ones... but for girls. I'm liking all the high fashion sneakers coming out at the moment, I love all the Louboutin studded babies to.
I love a flat shoe, and I love a high heel. It's just the middle ground I have a problem with.
Kitten = bleurgh.
High-tops and high-heels = heart.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Clueless style!

I used to be obsessed with the film Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone. I loved her little suits and mini outfits... so I was ecstatic when I saw the new Milly lookbook! French style mini dresses and suits, bright colours and just totally cool Clueless style... check it out.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Lounge loving

It was after watching SATC2 that I decided I needed to up my stakes in the loungewear department! SJP pads around her NYC apartment in thin cashmere maxi dresses and linen PJ's looking like she just stepped out of a 'perfect life' ad. I wanna be like that!!
And now I've just been emailed about a new M&S luxury sleepwear jumpsuit which looks SO perfect, I'm going to order it online right now...
£50, Marks & Spencer Limited Collection

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Retail therapy

Sorry I've not updated all week. Very slack of me. But I've been on HOLIDAY!!!!
It was lovely. And I'm now tanned. But having been beachside for a week I've not been in one single shop. So I landed Sat and had to go straight to Birmingham for work, however I now know that they have actually a pretty good town centre - Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.
I bought some new jeans from Topshop (and I never buy jeans - hate jean shopping) - the Jamie Ultimate Skinny (£40). They're amazing, flattering and I highly recommend.
Then in Whistles (in Selfridges) I bought this silver knitted sweater, £130, which IS MY NEW FAVOURITE THING IN MY ENTIRE WARDROBE. And will be one of my key A/W pieces.
So now I'm one very happy girl.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Sugarland

If you ever have a little while to spend pottering/shopping and looking at pretty things I highly recommend you to pop into My Sugarland on St John St, Angel, N1.
It's a lovely little dreamworld of a shop mixing vintage pieces with items from new/cool designers - it's literally a treasure trove. You don't know where to look first... the jewellery selection is amazing and really fresh, new and bold, I LOVE the Anita Quansah necklaces. The clothes are fab, designers stocked include Minni's Closet (), Olivia Rubin and Hoss Intropia but I loved the vintage selection, obviously chosen by someone with a very good eye (probably owner and fashion stylist Zoe Lem) - I've fallen in love with the 70s green maxi...
Have a browse on the website to -

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lee Klabin

I've just been in to see the first collection from new label Lee Klabin. And it's very, very cool.
Lee Klabin is a new luxury ready-to-wear brand, it only properly launched in Feb! Specialising in couture quality (but massively wearable) corseted pieces. The collection is mainly dresses (but there are some great little jackets and trousers to) - the beautifully made jersey ones above are my favourite - stocked in Harrods (and selling out FAST), the pics don't do them justice, they're beautiful, think the new Roland Mouret Galaxy... They all have exquisite boning, panels and seams which create a feminine but strong and totally modern silhouette.
The label is so new it hasn't even been picked up on by most but it has been worn by Dita Von Teese in Harpers and Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan, she was introduced to the label through Patricia Field who requested a corset for her to wear in the first SATC film and now owns her own.
One more thing, I love the description of the Lee Klabin woman in the lookbook... READ...
'Being 'accidentally' sexy she doesn't realise the kind of effect she has one others'... Nice.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Alphabet bags

I'm loving the Alphabet bags at the moment - Fearne Cotton has one, Alexandra Burke has one and I bought one for my lovely friend Sammy for her birthday last week... SO handy for books/work/gym/beach/anything you need a cool bag for.
And they're cheap - £14 from Urban Outfitters or just £10 from! Bargain.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Missoni short film - beautiful

I love this short film by Kenneth Anger - it's part of the Missoni A/W ad campaign... so beautiful and magical. And it reminds me a little bit of the The Wizard of Oz in a dark, random, experimental way. Hope you can see it!?? x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

ANOTHER pop up shop

Is there anyone who isn't planning a pop-up shop at the moment!? I do quite like them... but everyone's doing it now...
Jaeger's is the next up... they're opening Boutique by Jaeger just off Carnaby St (10 Foubert's Place) on 7th August. The Boutique collection is younger, cooler, with a rocky 60s edge and the shop will also feature key pieces by other little niche brands... fashion books, the newest Essie nail varnish etc... to create a 'unique shopping experience'. Which sounds great to me, I love Jaeger but sometimes I do think of it as bit to 'grown up' for me. Even though I am an actual grown up.
Sounds fun anyway!!
The Boutique collection will also be available online from 5th August.