Monday, 20 September 2010

ASOS White

I've been slightly obsessed with winter jackets for the last few months - I'm all for finding the perfect one early in the season but it's easier said than done. I love a fur coat and have a couple but I wanted a new amazing jacket and a great camel coat (who doesn't right now!?).
And I found them all approx 2 days ago when ASOS White launched!
It's a new collection from ASOS - all amazing luxe looks in gorgeous fabrics - clean lines - so fresh and modern. Like the opposite of try hard - wickedly cool but sophisticated. Basically it's the wardrobe I now realise I've always wanted.
To start with I've ordered the shearling jacket, £290, and am finding reason not to leave my flat so I can try it the moment it arrives. But I'm REALLY tempted to order the elbow patch crombie coat, £120 to. Maybe next month (it is only 10 days away...). And everything else in the collection is fab to. Literally not a dud in there.
Thank you ASOS!!

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