Monday, 20 December 2010

Something to wear in the snow

At the moment the only things I'm wearing on my feet are boots or wellies. It's too bloody cold to brave anything else!
So... let me introduce you to Bow Peep boot cuffs. Wear them over the top of any boots/wellies (but they're better on shorter styles) to jazz them up! Pretty cute I think. My faves are the red fair isle or leopard print... right I'm off to buy some more Hunter's... laters.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Urban Code

I get sent so many emails everyday about new brands/labels/pieces but this one caught my eye. Love this dress! Not on me... god no, on like a celebrity or something. Someone cool. Or like, a model, who's wearing it in the pic. It looks hot no?
Well if you want it you need to check out Urban Code, available at ASOS (is anything not available on ASOS these days, seriously, it's taking over the world - ♥). The London based label creates sexy, cool leather pieces which are fairly affordable. This dress is £120. There are also some very cute little varsity sports jackets I've got my eye on. Definitely worth a browse...

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Ooohhh. New Chanel Pre-Fall Métiers d'Art collection. There are 14 amazing, luxury, ready-to-wear (really?) looks and I want all of them but would settle fairly happily for these two.
And what about Blake Lively being the new face of Chanel handbags - excitement. I do like her but I'd have loved to have seen Leighton Meester as the new face instead. Loving her look at the mo.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Best dressed at the British Fashion Awards

I bloody love Daisy Lowes Elie Saab black lace dress. She looks totally appropriate for an awards do but still young, rocky and not to 'done'. So hard to get right but she nails it.
And Daphne Guinness. What a legend! And she made it herself... er, hello, Daphne please can you design a fashion line so we can buy it and look as cool as you. Thanks.

Furry knits

At the moment (probably because it's about minus 10 outside and apparently going to snow again for the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK) I have a really massively strong urge to buy jiji (If anybody knows the actual spelling of this word please do tell) knitwear. Mainly with fur detailing. As above, both £65 from Topshop. I've already purchase one and I'm in real danger of ordering the other as soon as I finish writing this blog... There's something about a bit of fake fur that just makes a dull autumnal knit glam, cool and acceptable in even a smarter circumstance. Especially fabulous over a cream silk blouse. That's all.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Alexander McQueen

Tonight is the British Fashion Awards where to commemorate Alexander McQueens life he'll be honoured with the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design award for his contribution to the fashion industry. And to acknowledge his incredibly successful career.
The ceremony will open with a short film directed by Nick Knight featuring McQueens most iconic pieces, all styled by the amazing Edward Enniful with a soundtrack by Bjork. It sounds like an amazing tribute. I can't wait to see it. RIP McQueen.

Monday, 6 December 2010

A man in a leather jacket...

... used to be a good thing. A beautiful, slightly scruffy dirty leather jacket could do wonders for a man, making him seem sexy, exciting, cool and bad. In a good way. Perfect examples - Danny in Grease, Russell Brand, Jamie Hince. If you were styling a guy for a photo shoot you'd take at least five with you. They'd be guaranteed to make them look hot. Now all that's been ruined. In the form of an annoying (not as attractive as they reckon) boyband called The Wanted. At least three of them are wearing a leather jacket at any one time, dancing round the stage, miming and looking a little bit vague. And not at all sexy. Leather jackets = ruined.
Unless it's maybe a bit of an aviator/fur collar number, don't think they've got on to them yet... but shh.

Friday, 3 December 2010

An ankle length trouser

Yay I'm actually blogging again. It's been so busy working on a weekly mag full-time again (X) that I actually haven't had time - but enough of the excuses. I'm back to blogging.

And these are my favourite thing right now. Ankle length trousers. Be them tailored, denim or Current/Elliotts Captain Pant in Army (£163 at My Wardrobe) which I am awaiting delivery of as I type. Excitement. They're cooler (quite literally), fresher and just look more 'now' than a full length pant, don't you think?
I am slightly worried about wearing them right now - in the snow - but I think with a black opaque and an ankle boot, it's a good look. With a jersey tee or a camel cashmere sweater. Love.