Monday, 6 December 2010

A man in a leather jacket...

... used to be a good thing. A beautiful, slightly scruffy dirty leather jacket could do wonders for a man, making him seem sexy, exciting, cool and bad. In a good way. Perfect examples - Danny in Grease, Russell Brand, Jamie Hince. If you were styling a guy for a photo shoot you'd take at least five with you. They'd be guaranteed to make them look hot. Now all that's been ruined. In the form of an annoying (not as attractive as they reckon) boyband called The Wanted. At least three of them are wearing a leather jacket at any one time, dancing round the stage, miming and looking a little bit vague. And not at all sexy. Leather jackets = ruined.
Unless it's maybe a bit of an aviator/fur collar number, don't think they've got on to them yet... but shh.

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