Friday, 30 July 2010

Missoni short film - beautiful

I love this short film by Kenneth Anger - it's part of the Missoni A/W ad campaign... so beautiful and magical. And it reminds me a little bit of the The Wizard of Oz in a dark, random, experimental way. Hope you can see it!?? x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

ANOTHER pop up shop

Is there anyone who isn't planning a pop-up shop at the moment!? I do quite like them... but everyone's doing it now...
Jaeger's is the next up... they're opening Boutique by Jaeger just off Carnaby St (10 Foubert's Place) on 7th August. The Boutique collection is younger, cooler, with a rocky 60s edge and the shop will also feature key pieces by other little niche brands... fashion books, the newest Essie nail varnish etc... to create a 'unique shopping experience'. Which sounds great to me, I love Jaeger but sometimes I do think of it as bit to 'grown up' for me. Even though I am an actual grown up.
Sounds fun anyway!!
The Boutique collection will also be available online from 5th August.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Odd Molly

I've just been emailed about a quirky cool label cutely called Odd Molly - it's totally Lula mag-ish. Which I heart.
Helena Christensen (as in the Super) has shot the campaign pics for the new collection and Daisy Lowe is the model, enough said, you already know you love it!
Check out the website for stockist info, love the socks (above).

I have to tell you the story on why it's called Odd Molly (also on the website) as I really like it - fashion fairytale-ish:

Who is Molly?

The name dates back to the 80’s and a girl in California who used to hang around with the elite skateboarding crowd. All the girls tried their best to impress the guys, except one. She did her own thing, without any fuss or make-believe. Of course she was the one the guys wanted.

The best part of the story is how she looked her best by being true to herself.

But why Odd? Well, because it is rare to find people with the courage of their eccentricities. Be odd by being yourself.

Molly? That might have been her name. Or maybe not. That's a secret creator Per Holknekt will have to divulge.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Aviator jackets

Coats are not merely coats for A/W 10-11. They are FASHION STATEMENTS.
From the CAPE to the PARKA to the FUR to MILITARY... but my favourite is the
They work so well with the new glam/grunge 90s influence we're going to be seeing a lot of but just this one wardrobe update will see you through most of the season... and I don't normally say this but you need to spend money on this trend. Either that or go vintage. The high street versions just don't have the quality and look obviously cheaper.
The exception to the rule is Topshop Unique's version - on model. Not yet available but due instores soon.
Top of my list are Burberry Prorsum's chocolate brown leather jacket, £1895 available on and Acne's grey crop, £1080 on
That'll be me going vintage then...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rubber duck

I've just ordered an amazingly cool gold rubber duck necklace from jewellery label ZM925.
I was going to order the Alex Monroe gold bee necklace which I adore but I've seen it on so many people/celebs recently - so the duck seems newer, cooler, fresher.
ZM925 is created by Australian designer Zoe Sernack and comprises of retro cool trinket pieces - from Converse high tops to skulls to wishbones. I just HEART the duck.
They're available at Matches from £55, the duck is £75.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Selfridges Xmas!

Today I've been to something that makes me very happy. The Selfridges Xmas press day!!
It's just full of pretty, amazing, cool, beautiful things that I want.
I tasted the most amazing chocolate brownie I've ever had from Chocolate by Trish which is launching exclusively in Selfrifdges for Xmas... her delicious bags of chocolate buttons are £10.95. (There was also a bag in the goody bag which I've nearly polished off to).
Then the sequin pyjamas from Ashish, are a bargain at just £1700!! How fabulously glam though!?
The Lulu Guiness dolly bag was one of my favourite cutesy girly things - you can change the dolls outfit depending on your style. I'm daydreaming about dressing in the same outfit as the doll on the bag while carrying it....
And the candles by Cire Trvdon smell delish...
Just a few things to add to my Christmas list to (fashion) Santa.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Best vest

Yeah it's just a vest. BUT NO IT ISN'T. This vest is SPECIAL.
I love vests and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one - like the white shirt, jean and black trouser, it's something you rarely find.
But Topshop's Boutique cashmere mix vests, £20, are amazing. And they're cheap. They hang just right, you can wear a bra underneath (but they look really good with an American Apparel lace crop top under to), you can put them in the wash and they come out looking as perfect as they did when they went in.
Available in black, grey and a creamy white at the moment - I'm hoping they'll do more, and add tee's and different lengths to the collection to... that would be AMAZING!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's all about the sock

I'm having a bit of a sock moment...
Not your standard sock. A sock with a twist moment. I'm obsessed with American Apparel's frill socks (£8) - the type you used to wear to school when you were 5 years old... I've used them loads in shoots... with wedges, platforms, whatever. With Converse if you can carry the look off (i.e. are skinny enough to).
Then I was shopping with a very stylish friend at the weekend - we popped into Miss Selfridge and went crazy for the £5 a pair lace pop socks - in black and mushroom - wear under heels or ankle boots so they're just visible.
Such a good look!

Sunday, 18 July 2010


I'm styling a shoot for a mag tomorrow and my favourite piece which has come in is this SO cute Minni's Closer tassle blouse £195 from My Sugarland.
It is completely adorable, girly, pretty and will look amazing in a photo, I'm ridiculously excited about using it!! And then maybe purchasing it!!
Check out, they also have one in white which is in the sale for £75...

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I want this book.
Classy by Derek Blasberg, a New York fashionista who's written for Vogue, Harpers, W, blah blah blah you know the deal...
It's the ultimate guide to being a 'classy lady'. It's full of quotes, secrets and tips from the high society of NY... it sounds FABULOUS.
It's available in the UK exclusively in Harvey Nichols stores.
So as soon as I've finished the last Twilight book (which is maybe the most amazing thing I've ever read) I'll be learning how to be the new classy me....!??

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This season I'm going to be concentrating mainly on my bottom half... as in trousers.
They're having a moment.
Just a few months ago I'd have only worn a legging or a jean. And possibly a newly introduced maxi dress...
But right now I'm all over the 'proper' trouser. I tried to get the new printed Isabel Marant trs from net-a-porter just a day after they went online but alas they'd already sold out in my size. Distraught I legged it to Topshop and found a similar printed pair which I purchased and have hardly taken off since. I LOVE them. And every single stylish lady (and some men) I've been with has praised them. They're £38, above. And available on Topshop's newly designed (ooh) website now.
I also have to mention the new J Brand Houlihan low-rise skinny cargo pants, £245, which every Fashion Editor and Stylist has at the top of their list... their the new must-have, most-wanted item.
Available on net-a-porter now, amazingly some sizes are still available... buy now, or regret later.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chanel Couture baby

I wish wish wish I was made of money.
If I was I'd definitely dress ONLY in Chanel Couture for A/W10. It's the collection of dreams (really amazingly cool sophisticated dreams) - sparkle, fur and silk brocade. A Russian luxe feel went through the collection - making me think of the Bond-esque spy who was arrested in NY - glamorous and sexy yet covered. Gorgeously romantic.
I has to put these pics on here, no one should miss out on seeing such beauty.

A car made of horses and a dress made of pegs

A Ferrari made from tiny miniature orange horses... and a beautiful dress made from wooden clothes pegs... both featuring in the new Harvey Nichols window display!
The focus is on showing the beauty that everyday mundane items can create... such a lovely, beautiful idea.
In fact it's given me some inspiration to get out my Blue Peter style making box and see what I can whip up from some toilet rolls and sticky tape...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Perfect dress for a summer wedding!

I HEART this floral chiffon asymetric dress. I used it on a shoot yesterday, then tried it on and it's so gorgeous I had to buy it immediately.
It's such a ME dress. Pretty, girly but a little more sophisticated, definitely what I'm aiming for anyway.
I'm going to a wedding in three weeks which it will be perfect for!
With some cool heels (mine are 70s colours, very high... perfect) and a good clutch. Then a couple of bits of dainty gold jewellery, ideally from Alex Monroe or somewhere... done.

This baby is £320 from Rebecca Taylor at Rous Iland.