Thursday, 29 July 2010

ANOTHER pop up shop

Is there anyone who isn't planning a pop-up shop at the moment!? I do quite like them... but everyone's doing it now...
Jaeger's is the next up... they're opening Boutique by Jaeger just off Carnaby St (10 Foubert's Place) on 7th August. The Boutique collection is younger, cooler, with a rocky 60s edge and the shop will also feature key pieces by other little niche brands... fashion books, the newest Essie nail varnish etc... to create a 'unique shopping experience'. Which sounds great to me, I love Jaeger but sometimes I do think of it as bit to 'grown up' for me. Even though I am an actual grown up.
Sounds fun anyway!!
The Boutique collection will also be available online from 5th August.

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