Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gina Stewart Cox

I love a little bracelet. Actually, I love lots of little bracelets all layered up on a pretty delicate lightly tanned wrist!
I've blogged on here in the past about those by Monica Vinader and Alex Monroe and now I've found a new fave - Gina Stewart Cox. Her bracelets are perfect and they come in lots of different styles and colours, I've been using them loads on shoots recently. Just the one or a few together. And they're not massively expensive - prices starting about £40 (the gold knot one above is £60). And as if that wasn't enough, my current girl crush Jessie J loves 'em... but the one she's wearing is £210, eek!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Chelsea Girl

River Island have relaunched their iconic Chelsea Girl collection!
Chelsea Girl was the original name for RI and was massively huge on the high street in the 60s/70s/80s and the new collection is based on some of the heritage faves to create a cool vintage-esque look.
My faves are the cute dresses (orange print £25 and polka dot £30) and the green floppy hat, £25, is wicked! Perfect Spring dressing! I'm going to the launch of the collection in Selfridges this week so will let you know how it looks up close/what I purchase... (credit card allowing!!).
Buy online and in River Island stores now.

Another of my Stylist mag features

The season of the shirt... I love 'em. Most want a Paul Smith print one right now I think...
See the full mag at

Monday, 14 March 2011


I'm having a bit of a tights moment. You may have spotted a few celebs (including Jessie J, LOVE her) in Henry Hollands cool printed tights - I love the Star print, Paris print and suspender style Bandana over the knee tights. V cool. I love them. But how to wear?! If you're not Jessie J that is... not sure what people would say if I rocked up to a shoot in a leotard and tight combo!?

So the lovely people at Tightsplease, who have the best selection of cool tights ever, sent me a few pairs to play with on shoots and test out.

The Star and Paris ones seem to pretty much go with everything - I'd say wear as you would a regular black opaque. I especially love them clashed with a floral mini dress or short. But personally have been wearing with a black jersey mini, a biker boot and a cream silk Whistles shirt. Sophisticated but cool 'eh.

The most difficult to wear are the Bandana suspender style - not one for a wide thigh. But I did put a pair on a model with an amazing black Forever 21 lace and flirty skirt dress and black ankle boots and they looked HOT! The trick is don't wear with a too short skirt (slaggy) - go for one just above the knee so that when you walk/the skirt moves around a bit and you reveal a bit of the bandana - subtle but sexy, get it.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Forever 21

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be asked up to Birmingham to see the new Forever 21 store, the first in the UK! If you haven't heard of it Forever 21 hails from LA and is like the ultimate American high street store... kind of like a cross between a cheaper Urban Outfitters and New Look. And it opens in London (on Oxford Street) later this year, whoop.
Anyway back to the store. It is HUGE - as in Topshop Oxford Circus HUGE - 3 floors of womenswear, shoes and accessories (there's a bit of menswear but we won't talk about that). Amazing. You could easily spend a few hours just browsing... as we did. And I guarantee you won't leave without buying at least 3 items.
The jumpsuit (above) was a popular choice - very cool, very LA, very Forever 21 and only £22.80. I loved the slouchy knitwear for under £20, folky dresses, cute hats, particularly a bowler, jeans for under £10 that amazingly don't look cheap and there were some fab tribal/graphic prints. They've also just had in some mini collections designed by uber cool LA designers like Rory Beca (who I love!) - a bit Acne-esque but more commerical.

Anyway you should totally pay the store a visit... London opens September-ish and the website has EVERYTHING on too ❤

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Violet Darkling

Love the name, love the jewellery.
Violet Darkling jewellery is darkly elegant with a feminine touch - the skull pieces (love a skull) are black and fierce but the shiny stones in their mouths or bows on their heads give them a pretty 'magical' edge. And you have to check out the website - v.cute -
Jamie Winstone was wearing the ring and necklace for like the whole of fashion week but check out the wish bracelets for just £35 too.

Monday, 7 March 2011

J'adore Sandro

Sandro is the fashion lovers go-to label for French chic and subtly coquettish pretty pieces. To sum it up in a sentence - Alexa Chung loves it!
The Spring/Summer collection is as cute, if not cuter than usual - bows, pleats and simple pretty prints in a Parisian preppy style. I LOVE the pretty red playsuit and bow tie blouse - each £185.
Buy it on net-a-porter...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stylist magazine

Just thought I'd show you all my feature in this weeks Stylist mag! Have a look Hope you like...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Full Circle

Cool Brit label Full Circle have just released their S/S images featuring model of the moment Eliza Cummings (as in the face of Balenciaga) looking hot in a great architectural print maxi dress which looks massively more expensive than it's £60 price tag...
So loving that I thought I'd have a browse... and I now think I may be a Full Circle maxi dress devotee! The colour block dress is SO perfect for summer - with just a flip (flop) or now with a little black (or battered brown) ankle boot and the black zip through jersey dress is such a great staple I never knew I needed - with a leather jacket. Hot. Totally want.
And the best thing is that they're all under £60...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mugler Gaga amazing

I just watched the Mugler live stream of the A/W12 show featuring Lady Gaga!
Are the two best words to describe it... she totally stole the show, striding out to her new never-heard-before song 'Goverment Hooker'. She did look a bit like a hooker. But a bloody cool one. And she was smoking a fag. Then she finished the show in an all white look and massive wide brimmed headpiece.
Also worth mentioning: her amazing blonde hair extension pigtails and red pointed fingernails...
The rest of the collection looked amazing - dramatic and everything you'd expect. Dramatic shapes, transparent animal print bodysuits, patent leather, electric blue head-to-toe, MASSIVE heels (which a couple of the models wobbled on, but they all stayed up - congrats girls) and some of the dresses were beautiful - moulded bra tops cutout with the rest of the dress hanging from them. Loved it. Wish every show was live streamed!!