Monday, 14 March 2011


I'm having a bit of a tights moment. You may have spotted a few celebs (including Jessie J, LOVE her) in Henry Hollands cool printed tights - I love the Star print, Paris print and suspender style Bandana over the knee tights. V cool. I love them. But how to wear?! If you're not Jessie J that is... not sure what people would say if I rocked up to a shoot in a leotard and tight combo!?

So the lovely people at Tightsplease, who have the best selection of cool tights ever, sent me a few pairs to play with on shoots and test out.

The Star and Paris ones seem to pretty much go with everything - I'd say wear as you would a regular black opaque. I especially love them clashed with a floral mini dress or short. But personally have been wearing with a black jersey mini, a biker boot and a cream silk Whistles shirt. Sophisticated but cool 'eh.

The most difficult to wear are the Bandana suspender style - not one for a wide thigh. But I did put a pair on a model with an amazing black Forever 21 lace and flirty skirt dress and black ankle boots and they looked HOT! The trick is don't wear with a too short skirt (slaggy) - go for one just above the knee so that when you walk/the skirt moves around a bit and you reveal a bit of the bandana - subtle but sexy, get it.

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