Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mugler Gaga amazing

I just watched the Mugler live stream of the A/W12 show featuring Lady Gaga!
Are the two best words to describe it... she totally stole the show, striding out to her new never-heard-before song 'Goverment Hooker'. She did look a bit like a hooker. But a bloody cool one. And she was smoking a fag. Then she finished the show in an all white look and massive wide brimmed headpiece.
Also worth mentioning: her amazing blonde hair extension pigtails and red pointed fingernails...
The rest of the collection looked amazing - dramatic and everything you'd expect. Dramatic shapes, transparent animal print bodysuits, patent leather, electric blue head-to-toe, MASSIVE heels (which a couple of the models wobbled on, but they all stayed up - congrats girls) and some of the dresses were beautiful - moulded bra tops cutout with the rest of the dress hanging from them. Loved it. Wish every show was live streamed!!

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