Sunday, 19 September 2010

A NEXT moment

Over the past few years I've used the odd bit from NEXT in shoots - but I have to say I've never actually gone in to the shop and looked round/bought anything of my own free will, I kind of thought it had all gone a bit stale.
Then I opened the new Vogue with the 'Easy chic' supplement sponsored by NEXT and was like WOAH!
One of the best aviator jackets (£250) on the High St (and I know because I've tried nearly every single one one), amazing fur clog boots (£55) which I was introduced to by my very stylish Fashion Director friend Sophie when she bought them as soon as she set eyes on them... and used them in a shoot, a leopard print coat which I REALLY want and am about to purchase online as soon as I get paid again, although that to is only £55 (for a winter coat, ridic) so I could just order it right now!?!
And the laid back knitwear, especially the sweaters and cardigans with faux fur detail and harem pants look like they're more in the 'high end' league than merely high street... and COOL high end.
I'm telling you, this winter it's all about NEXT.
God this is sounding a bit like an advertorial... it's not. Honest.

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