Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Boden Limited Collection

Everyone loves Boden don't they? How could you not? It sells the ideal lifestyle... Cosy colourful cardigans, pretty floral dresses, happy people with fabulous lives and shiny new cars and kitchens buy Boden. Daydreaming right now...
Well now Boden are also the latest label to launch a new Limited Collection, and it's, well, lovely. Aimed at a slightly younger lady - for when the perfect girl meets the perfect guy (rather than the main range which is totally for the perfect couple with the perfect family). It's along the same lines as Jaeger Boutique and Hobbs NW3 in a chic and sophisticated way and I like it. Especially the silver cardigan in the pic above. Definitely worth checking out. It'll be available on the website VERY soon so check. It. Out.

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