Tuesday, 9 August 2011

guilt trip + WEDDING DRESSES

I'm having a major guilt trip right now at not having blogged for AGES. Slap on the wrists.
But I'm afraid actual life and real work took over for a time (working, shooting, vacation and a bit of wedding planning).

Anyway, I'm back! Hi.

I'll get back on to the more serious business of fash-wan tomorrow but today I have to tell you about Elizabeth Avey. Elizabeth is the owner of Elizabeth Avey Bridal Boutique specialising in vintage wedding dresses. Which are all amazing. I first visited a year ago with my friend Sam when she was wedding dress shopping - and she bought her amazing dress from her (see wedding pic above - definitely the coolest bride I have ever seen).

And, coincidentally, I also bought my wedding dress for the big day next May from her on Friday (squeals with excitement!). But I can't tell you what it's like, obvs.

The shop is literally like a breath of fresh air from all the full on but so not personable bridal shops/designers. And Elizabeth is so enthusiastic and obviously loves what she does so much that it makes wedding dress shopping the beautiful, perfect, special day it should be!
She stocks genuine, beautiful, well cared for dresses from the 20s to the 70s at, I think, really reasonable prices. One-offs, couture, the lot.

So ladies if you're tying the knot, make an appointment and play dress up. You'll love it.

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