Thursday, 27 May 2010

New boots, old boots

Today I've done the following:
Blocked myself out of my email somehow!??
Got on the wrong bus
and lost my computer charger (so if I don't post for the next few day you'll know why)
So thank god for a bit of good news at the Schuh press day.
They're making my boots again for the new season. Woohoo!! I have worn my tan Schuh boots pretty much every other day since I first got them a few (or 4... maybe 5) months ago. And I've properly bashed them up but I still LOVE them.
So I was DELIGHTED to see they'll be available in grey in about a months time. So buying those babies.
PS. I've been told that The Saturdays are also a big fan of my little boots. Just so you know...

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