Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm engaged!

Sorry for the lackage of posts over the last few days but I'm now ENGAGED. Argh. I'm actually going to get married (squealing). And be a bride (more squealing). So I haven't really had time to do anything apart from talk about that for the last few days.

My ring is AMAZING. And I thought about posting a pic of it on here and then thought is that weird?! Maybe I will soon... not sure about the etiquette of posting a pic of your engagement ring on your blog?

I also promise that I will not turn my blog into a one of a wedding obsessed bride-zilla. I'll hopefully write about that elsewhere... It will remain primarily a fashion blog. I might do the odd bridal related post but only if something is exceptionally cool and I think you'll be interested even if you don't have wedding bells ringing in your ears...

Just give me one more day to calm myself down (and stare at my ring! Ahhhh) and I'll be back to normal! x


  1. Put a pic of the ring up!! xx

  2. YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED (still squealing!)