Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The perfect plimsoll

I've just got back from a little shopping mission - to find the perfect white sneaker.
I haven't owned a pair of sneakers for ages. I threw my last pair of Converse out well over a year ago and I haven't massively missed them, until now.
I think it was the Alexa Chung Superga ads that did it. I love them. How cute does Alexa look in the pic - although note she isn't actually wearing them...

Anyway I headed to Schuh - the best place for a mission of this nature - and tried Converse which I'm just not that into anymore. I have no explanation as to why, it just wasn't working. Then I tried Superga, the new fashion people fave but I can't get over the high rubber sole. P.E. I like them on other people. Mainly on Alexa. And still might be tempted when the pale pink ones come instore. Then I tried Keds and they're just a bit nothing really aren't they - made my feet look a bit too childlike.

So I tried Vans. I'm totally not a Vans girl but these babies (above) are the perfect plimsoll. Simple, not to bright white, discreet brand name and just really cool and cute in the right way. And £35.

So I officially crown them The Perfect Plimsoll. Congrats Vans.

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