Sunday, 21 February 2010

Things I ♥ @ fashion week

  • Maria Francesca Pepe's wolf tee - sexy!
  • Nina Dolcetti lace-up boots. Literally can't wait till these are out... hopefully will have paid my tax bill by then so will be able to afford...
  • Sonya Kashmiri beautiful leather huge bag - and it's even called Miss Charlotte! We'll pretend its named after me, yeah.
  • PPQ are BACK. After a couple of seasons that weren't so good the new A/W10 collection is cool, hot... just like it used to be. Yay.
  • Betty Jackson's whole collection - was totally worth getting up at 8am (on a Sunday!) in the pouring rain for. Especially loved the slinky gold wet-look draped dresses and tops, the gold metallic shirt, denim on denim looks, cool baggy knits and ALL the shoes. I'd like to wear the whole collection now PLEASE.

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