Thursday, 26 May 2011

Did Cheryl's LA wardrobe get her the sack?

Cheryl was a bit of a style icon when she left the UK (in a wag-ish way). 2009 she style was hot. It went slightly downhill last year - a bit back to her roots in glitzy glam dresses... less directional, not as cool designers etc...

Then she went to LA and WTF happened!? Did they make her use a new style team?! MASSIVE blown out hair in a not good way. Colour blocking taken to the extreme in the most unflattering shapes (because she's no longer a stick -which is a good thing - but she can't carry off those purple flares - she's not got a long lean model bod), wide leg jeans and a red leather jacket which looked like it was off a market stall - even thought it was probably ££££, or maybe it's just the way she wore it? And the polka dot dress, cute. But with the wedges it made her look stumpy - she should have gone for a cute classic black peeptoe Louboutin or something... so, did her wardrobe get her the sack?!

Well hopefully Cheryl will leave LA and her shocking LA style and come back to the UK, head held high, with a new amazingly cool wardrobe and re-join the UK X Factor. Welcome back Chezza!

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