Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kiki McDonough

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a lovely evening at Kiki McDonough just off Sloane Square to view the new collections. SO MANY PRETTY JEWELLS!
I LOVE the classic crystal pendants (pic above) from the OPERA collection - just £3,500.00. Eek. But Ooohhh... at least I can use them in shoots. Whoop.

Don't fret there are some fabulous pieces available for less than £500 - slightly more affordable for the masses. You should check it out
(Also, secret for you, they don't broadcast it but the Middleton sisters have been fans of Kiki's deisgns for years, sssshhhh)

Anyway it was a fab evening and we all had our nails painted by uber glam beauty company Cosmetics à la Carte. And palms read. Apparently I'm totally psychic. Will definitely be doing the lottery from now on. Then I can buy myself some fab jewells...

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