Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Not a nice post - sorry.

I don't usually like to stick up a not nice post but I felt I had to show you this pic of Katie Weissel/Vogel/Lola whatever she wants to call herself now... Just because it sums up everything I can't stand. Not so much Katie herself but:

1) FOOTBALL SHIRTS. Can. not. stand. these. Just about acceptable when worn by a professional footballer on a pitch (and yes I know she is at Soccer Six so is maybe playing football/has to wear it) but still I really detest them. I once went on a date with a boy who turned up wearing a Liverpool shirt and IT WAS BAD.

2) TRY HARDS. So she'll wear the football shirt but she won't wear the boots/trainers. Which I'd have thought were the more essential of the 'look'. So she's in DMs. And a headscarf. And sunglasses. Trying to hard love...


And yeah maybe 4) would be Katie herself. Soz. Will be more positive with next post I promise

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